Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Days

Another YouTube comment:
"Who cares if they're heavy metal or not, they're brilliant and that's all that matters."

Wait, was there a moment in time when there was a question that they could be heavy metal? Did I miss this? I assumed "Final Countdown" was their pinnacle of edginess. Perhaps, given the sound of '80s music, they were probably considered a little heavy, well, at least until Guns n' Roses came along and melted everyone's face off.

#3 Alabama

Peter Venkman
Joe Namath once said that the only way he could relax was with “a girl and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red.” Touché, Joe. Touché.

I've been to Tuscaloosa six times to watch Ole Miss lose. Two times I saw Alabama nap through the first 20 minutes, wake up for 10 minutes to put the game away, then go back to sleep for the last half. Two times I saw a soul-removing loses in overtime. And two times I saw better Ole Miss teams get carved into tiny sushi roll pieces.

Despite a history of failure there, as well as full acceptance that Ole Miss will never win a game there as long as the sun still burns, I never have a problem with going to Tuscaloosa. Excellent atmosphere, bars within walking distance of the stadium, and those magical moments where you set up pregame shop right next to a guy who blasts classic rock all afternoon and has two satellites set up for other games.

The only drawback is being around Alabama fans all day, but when your team is terrible enough, they typically ignore you and/or cast condescending pity upon you.

Cameron Poe
(Ed: Currently saving the day at Lerner Airfield.)

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