Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet and Greet

It's only fitting that we start this show well behind schedule, which is actually on schedule for the way this operation runs and will continue to run.  As promised on Friday, it's time to introduce the two new additions to the Belly of the Beast writing staff. These two have much to live up to after the quality hard work all of those Chinese children gave this site (I shall miss those children). For reasons that make sense to them, they have chosen to use pseudonyms and will write under those (though, I was disappointed they did not choose Chinese gymnasts names). Not even I know their true identities. Just kidding. I totally know.

Peter Venkman
I played basketball at a small college in Jackson, Mississippi. This school is commonly referred to as the “Harvard of The South” (by me alone). I graduated from The University of Mississippi then promptly rewarded myself for this grand feat by taking 3 victory laps in Oxford. My father refers to these years as the “lost episodes.” Now, I divide my time between putting the hand in handsome, writing for this website and playing competitive tennis - there truly is nothing more gratifying than breaking another man down. Conan the Barbarian said it best when he was asked, “What is best in life”: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

Cameron Poe
"I'm bringing my talents to the Belly of the Beast."  That's what I told the publisher of the Beast after I turned down a multiyear offer to write for the Worldwide Leader and decided to come to this site for free.  It was probably the greatest phone call he will receive in his whole life.  

In an effort of full disclosure, I will let you know that I am an Alabama fan.  My world view definitely has a crimson tinge, but I have also watched over 10,000 hours of SEC games, so, according to Malcolm Gladwell, I'm an expert on the SEC.  At the very least, I know at least as much as Dave Rowe ever did, and he was allowed to be the analyst on the JP SEC Game of the Week for over 10 years.

Actually, I don't know why I am listing my qualification to write for this site.  I am only doing this because I am narcissist and blogging is a great narcissistic exercise.  My important thoughts on things like whether you should take the over or under on the Mississippi State/Memphis game must published because they are too important to keep trapped in my brain.  So do yourself a favor and read my posts.  I guarantee that they will be compelling and rich.

If the Belly of the Beast had a secret handshake (and maybe we do; you'll never know), it would be exchanged right here.  Welcome aboard, grunts.  Now go freshen up this Diet Coke.

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  1. this is weird...but I'll bite. For a while, anyway.