Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Four Days

#4 Ole Miss

Peter Venkman
The advent of Rebel Black Bear has solidified my plans to open a Road House-style bar called Kodiak Kreamery out on Highway 6. Here, Rebel the Bear will form a Chuck E. Cheese-esque band with members including, but not limited to: Rebel Land Shark (vocals), Rebel Hotty Toddy Burn Victim (vocals, keyboard), and Rebel Mojo (percussion, accordion, groupie wrangler). Our only accepted bar currency will be Confederate half-dollars.

(Ed: The Jeff Healey Band is not going to be happy about this.)

I've said this many times before, but what makes a trip to Oxford so much fun for opposing fans is that Oxford is one of the great places in America, it's better than wherever they came from, and there's a strong possibility their team is going to win the game. However, it falls from the top of these rankings because there is little to no advantage to play in Oxford (for Ole Miss). We play better in Shreveport (undefeated since 1986!) than Oxford. Yes, the revelry of the Square and Grove combination has no equal, but in terms of winning football games, it's worthless.

So if you're a fan of another school, enjoy our town and your probable victory, we'll be busy making sure the bullshit party isn't lost.

Cameron Poe
If you go to Oxford, you will see a lot of babes, you will drink a lot of booze, and your team will probably win.

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