Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Know This is Two Days Old But I Don't Care

BEHOLD!  Football from the future!

A future where Georgia gets its ass handed to it in yet another game in which it decides to wear non-traditional uniforms. A future to be followed by another future in which Mark Richt is temporarily unemployed before being hired by ESPN to say nice things about all the people he used to coach against because he wants to get back into coaching. And of course that is to be followed by another future in which Georgia forgets that it needs a head coach (jersey decisions do take a tremendous amount of concentration), panics, takes a run at Jim Donnan before remembering he's got Ponzi scheme stink all over him, and then hires Terry Bowden two days before fall practice starts because he spent the last three months sleeping on Michael Adams' front lawn and was the easiest choice.

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