Friday, August 26, 2011

A Message From LSU Chancellor Mike Martin

To LSU friends and family:

We are all disappointed by the actions of a small group of our student-athletes that took place last week. They, in the poor decisions they made, have brought considerable shame and embarrassment to the team they represent, as well as the university community, which includes all of us.

These young men are now paying the price for their actions, a price that comes with such a responsibility to themselves, their teammates, coaches, and LSU. While punishment must be handed out, we, the LSU community, must not abandon these young men. They are a part of LSU and we must see to it that they are given the support they need during this difficult time.

I would also call on LSU fans, students, and faculty to remain calm, even though it is COMPLETELY not in your nature to do so. Yes, pretty much everything is on fire right now, but I want to reassure you that everything will be fine because this man is in charge:

Coach Miles has been busy developing a contingency plan since he was made aware of these developments last week. Though he will not reveal these plans to anyone other than himself, I am fully confident in his ability to bring destruction bearing down on himself, then casually sidestep it at the last second (remember the Tennessee game? Oh, what an adventure that was!). It's part of his charm that we all hold dear.

So as we get ready to face a talented Oregon team, I encourage of all of you to offer Coach Miles, his coaches, and the players your full support. If you own a phone and have electricity to make that phone work, call in to Coach Miles' call-in show and let him know you're behind the team.

Ready for an inexplicable 11-1 season with Jarrett Lee at quarterback,

Mike Martin

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