Monday, August 22, 2011

The Playmaker Will Take Seven and a Half Dozen of Those Shirts, Thank You Very Much

I think this is what Michael Irvin wished he had come up with instead of calling currently jailed Miami booster Nevin Shapiro a "snake" and a "rapist" last week. Not because he's sorry he said those things, but that in his mind these are the types of things with which he should be creating. After all, this is the man who once STABBED a Cowboys teammate IN THE NECK with a pair scissors because he wouldn't get out of the barber's chair to let Irvin get his hair cut first.

Everett McIver
Punk Ass Bitches
Get Stitches
For Sittin'
When I'm Ready to Get a Number One with Ridges

The good news for all the non-front-runner Miami fans, which at roll call last week numbered 87 strong, the t-shirt above can be yours for the uneconomical and nonsensical price of $29.99*.

*Price does not include pair of scissors to use to stab someone for mildly inconveniencing you.

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