Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Days

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Europeans are huge fans of a band named after their continent, but holy crap, those people just went ape shit for almost six straight minutes.  And another tip of the hat to YouTube commenters for referring to this song as "the most famous song ever written."


#6 Florida

Peter Venkman
One time I saw Tim Tebow outside of The Red Bar wearing jorts and orange crocs. Kyle Orton wouldn’t be caught dead in that.

Cameron Poe
I like all levels of football, but I'm only addicted to college football. I've watched four high school games and three replays of NFL preseason games since Thursday. This is like a heroin addict trying to get his fix from methadone. It keeps the shakes away, but you can't get high.

(Ed: Four high school games and three preseason games? I see crystal meth has no effect on you.)

While thinking about my trip to Gainesville, I had the privilege of remembering the Ron Zook era at Florida. FANTASTIC times for everyone who doesn't care about Florida. And my memory could be failing me, but I think Zook was the first coach Sylvester Croom sent to the unemployment line, during the Crooming outbreak of the mid-2000s.

Also, either Florida doesn't have campus security or they were all at the bar, but running around on the football team's practice fields and the O'Connell Center at 1:30 in the morning with a six pack of Budweiser the night before a game is apparently perfectly acceptable down there.

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