Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Letter From Texas A&M to the Big 12

On Monday night, a New York Times report said that Texas A&M sent a letter to Missouri chancellor and Big 12 board chairman Brady Deaton to officially announce that it was leaving the Big 12.  This report sent rumors into full swirl, with the most swirling saying that today would be Texas A&M's last day in the Big 12.

Today, Texas A&M announced that it had sent no such letter and, by lack of comment, was still a member of the Big 12. Understandably, there are going to be conflicting reports when a giant thing like Texas A&M is trying to keep quiet as it lumbers around the house.  However, the Belly of the Beast has learned that A&M did in fact send a letter to Chancellor Deaton, and we have obtained a copy of the letter.  Based on the text, it appears that A&M left the letter open-ended enough that no bridges to and from the Big 12 were burned.  Or maybe it blew all of them up.  Who knows what game they're playing right now.  STOP BEING SO COY, AGGIES.

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  1. if any team from the state of texas ends up in the sec, i will pour ammonia in my eyes so that i never have to watch them play. unless matt saracen is QB1 of said team. and then i will dvr and watch a game every single day.
    sorry for the girl post. ill go back into hiding now