Thursday, September 01, 2011

Two Days

I cannot describe how much happier I will be on Saturday when I wake up knowing I don't have to go find another vidya of Europe playing "Final Countdown."  However, this version seems like the LSU of "Final Countdown."  Dimly lit and looks like a bar/venue only friendly to locals.

#2 LSU

Peter Venkman
In February of 2002, while enjoying a healthy lunch at my fraternity house consisting of fried chicken, fried okra, fried pickles and French fries, a bro approached me and asked if I would like to accompany him to the Rebels’ away hoops game that night at the Maravich Center. With ten minutes to go in the first half, Ole Miss trailed LSU 8-2. The Rebs went on to lose in one of the most lack-luster performances of the Rod Barnes era. The highlight of the trip was shaking Archie Manning’s hand at halftime; I haven’t been back since.

(Ed: I believe in 2000, the Rebels and Tigers played a game in Oxford in which the halftime score was 21-10 Ole Miss. I left at halftime.) 

Cameron Poe 

(Ed:  The first 23 seconds of that make me want to run through a brick wall.)

I have so little to hold on to now, so I will not so casually mention that I've been to Baton Rouge four times and seen Ole Miss win four times. Two of the more satisfying feelings a non-LSU fan can have in the SEC is beating LSU in Tiger Stadium, followed by listening to the post-game call-in show as despondent LSU fans voice their opinion that firebombing something, anything, is a perfectly legal option and solution to getting better coaching out of the coaching staff.

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  1. #2??? #2???? What??? How is it that all over the country LSU is considered the BEST place to tailgate and experience college football and on this piece of crap blog LSU gets #2? This is ridiculous...I have a mind to firebomb this site...that's right firebomb. Gray, if you are listening I've got some ideas about how to improve your blog. First, put LSU first. Second, substitute Cameron Poe for Rohan Davey. And, finally, stop writing about Ole Miss.

    And yes, only an LSU fan would complain about being Second.