Friday, September 16, 2011

Kansas Burns Down Missouri Town For The Second Time

In 1861, the town of Osceola, Missouri was attacked, looted, burned, and terrorized by a group of men known as "jayhawkers" from Kansas who were part of group that went around and attacked, looted, burned, and terrorized anything in Missouri. After all the murder and destruction ended, only about 200 residents remained of what was once a town of 2,500.

On Tuesday, people in the government of Osceola passed a resolution asking Kansas University to stop "the celebration of this murderous gang of terrorists by an institution of ‘higher education’ in such a brazen and malicious manner."

All that fancy highbrow political talk means that this is how they interpreted the events of 1861:

Click to enormosize.

Kansas University, in non-fancy political highbrow talk, responded by lighting the torches one more time:
“A Jayhawk is a blue bird with a red head and a big yellow beak that wears boots," Kansas News Service Director Jill Jess told the Columbia Daily Tribune. "It would be hard to confuse it with anyone with terrorist intent, though we admit we have been terrorizing the Tigers on the basketball court for some time. Tigers have been known to kill people. Bears, too.”
Give that woman all the tenure she wants.

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