Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day of Remembrance

Tonight, Mississippi State and LSU begin this weekend's games with a rumble in Starkville on ESPN that promises to be about 80% run, 18% questionable decisions, and 2% pass.  The last version of the game in Starkville saw State get to the LSU 1-yard line before being stuffed on a fourth down play that would have won the game, and probably remain as the biggest win in Dan Mullen's career (and I just now recognized the pain of losing two games inside the 1-yard line.  YIKES.).  It marked the 10th consecutive loss to the Tigers, followed by last year's 11th straight defeat.

Four years ago, also a Thursday night ESPN game in Starkville, a grossly incompetent coach made the decision to air it out with his woefully underskilled quarterback against a defense that was far superior in every matchup on the field that night.  The first three interceptions were understandable.  If the coach's team was going to win, they had to take some chances.  But after the third interception, the chance of winning was gone.

Yet, despite the complete failure of his passing game, including an inability to protect his quarterback, the coach insisted that the passing continue.  There was a fourth interception.  Then a fifth.  Finally, a sixth.  And all were thrown by the same quarterback.

It was a grizzly scene that, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, not sure which one, has been preserved by someone with way too much time on their hands.  Seriously, someone has put highlights of like every LSU game from the past 10 years on YouTube (even the 2003 game against Ole Miss, which I have never gotten over).  However, thanks to this dutiful person, we are able to observe that night and pay our respects to those involved on this kind-of-anniversary. 

Just over 10 minutes, the video captures nearly all the of the damage.  Sadly, interception number two did not make the video.  But that's okay, because there were four more to be seen.  For your convenience, I have marked the time of each interception so that you may be reminded in great detail of the events of that night.

#1  1:31
#3  3:35
#4  4:00
#5  6:30
#6  8:20

As chilling and career-crushing as I recall it to be.  So now, please join us as we light our candles and raise our middle-of-the-road alcoholic beverages in memory of a performance, both playing and coaching, that we shall likely never see again.  Michael Henig and Sylvester Croom, you are missed.

/raises lit candle and drink

/blows out candle
/guzzles drink
/yells "Go to hell, Ole Miss"
/throws cowbell at LSU fan

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