Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Brief, But Fully Succinct Preview of LSU/Northwestern State

The Shrimp Boat Captain's alma mater travels to Baton Rouge on Saturday to face the LSU Tigers, a team they have never beaten.  In fact, the Demons (Northwestern State's name, not a slander of LSU) have never scored on LSU, losing all 10 games by a combined score of 417-0, which is very close the score of LSU's 2005 game against an Ole Miss team led by the Shrimp Boat Captain.

The good news for the Demons is that all ten of those games took place many, many years ago, with the last one occurring in 1942.  However, the current bad news for the Demons is that they had to hold off a last-second two-point conversion attempt from Delta State, a Division II team located in flatly scenic Cleveland, Mississippi.  Northwestern State was actually down 17 at halftime before coming back to win 24-23.

With that near-horrendous failure in mind, my preview of what to expect for three straight hours is below.  Les Miles' daughter represents Northwestern State, and the Hat plays the role of LSU.

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