Friday, September 02, 2011

One Day

NO ONE CARES ANYMORE.  Also, even with Austin Peay on the schedule, Memphis has a real shot at the perfect 0-12 season.  Someone should make a YouTube video of their first half against Mississippi State set to circus music.  And don't you try to hide, Kentucky.  I watched, lost my vision for the better part of the night, but I watched.  You may allow Ole Miss to reach two, maybe even three SEC wins this season.  That is, if you are even an SEC team.

Peter Venkman
People call me crazy when I tell them I’ve never been to Athens, which has always been described to me as being “just like Oxford but a little bit crazier and with lots more bars.” This leads me to believe if I ever actually spent a weekend there I would be deceased by Sunday morning.

Athens is a giant Oxford without the Grove, meaning that your Friday and Saturday nights will be strong to quite strong, provided you are not a member of the Georgia football team. If you are, you can expect to be arrested just because you're probably about to do something really dumb. Sort of like a Minority Report for misdemeanors.

Cameron Poe

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  1. I've never been to Athens, but I have always heard that its great. I'll buy that. I laid in bed last night reflecting on the bars around Tiger Stadium. Fred's, Reggies, Bogies, Tiger Bar, Shady's...they are all horrible. You only go there if you want to get an STD that can be contracted through the air. So, if you are including the bar scene, then yeah, LSU isn't great. My thought is, why even Go to the bars? You can do all the same stuff at the Tailgait...and our best bars are also at our Restaurants...Chimes, Chelsea's, Duvics, Zippy's. Just some thoughts if anyone is traveling to BR this year.