Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Perspective on -20 Rushing Yards

Saturday night, Tennessee amassed -20 yards rushing on 23 attempts in an entire game of football.  The following is a list of things with greater numerical value than -20.

-Teams ranked ahead of Tennessee in rushing offense (113)

-Matt Simms rushing touchdowns on Saturday (1)

-Morgan Newton completions on Saturday (4)

-Barrett Trotter completions on Saturday (6)

-Average weight in pounds of a newborn baby (7.5)

-Number of Tyler Bray broken thumbs (1)

-Memphis rushing yards against Rice (70)

-Steve Spurrier daydreams in last hour of landing a 9-iron at 132 yards within three feet of the pin (8)

-LSU punter taunting penalties (1)

-Fahrenheit temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska (38)

-Kiehl Frazier passes to his team on Saturday (2)

-Kiehl Frazier passes to the other team on Saturday (2)

-Points from Gray's fantasy football defense Sunday (-2)

-Dumb things said by Chris Rainey today (1)
"I felt we was better than them (LSU and Alabama)."

-Dumb things said by Memphis AD R.C. Johnson today (1)
"Ultimately we would like to be in the SEC. That's where we think we belong geographically. We think we deserve to be."

-Members of Guns N' Roses still in Guns N' Roses from the Use Your Illusion days (2)
(I just know Axl is going to screw up the upcoming US tour.)

-Nick Saban laughs in past 24 hours (-19)

-Nick Saban chuckle-snorts in past 24 hours (-14)

-Nick Saban smirks in past 24 hours; sarcastic or amused (eleventy sarcastic, 0 amused)

-Bobby Petrino smirks in past 24 hours; sarcastic or amused (one less than Nick Saban; 0 amused)
/Sarcastic Smirk National Championship for Alabama
/print the shirts
/Roll Tide

One thing -20 rushing yards did beat:

-Number of real good times had while watching the Pitbull Dr. Pepper commercial (-4.8 billion)


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  1. That Dr. Pepper commercial is cause me to have a real bad time during football games.