Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Craig James Has A Word With Tommy Tuberville

Craig James stopped by Lubbock yesterday to speak with Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville about his son Adam, a wide receiver on the Red Raider team.  After stopping by Tuberville's house, James was told the coach wasn't there, but he should probably check the stadium.  And so, Craig James descended upon Jones AT&T Stadium:

After finding the second-year coach in his office, the two made small talk about politics and Big 12 realignment before James began the badgering of why his son only caught three passes against Kansas State when Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege attempted 63 passes. According to James, his son should have caught at least 25 passes.

Tuberville gave him some coach-speak, while assuring James that they'd find a way to get Adam more opportunities. James thanked the coach for his time, then vanished into the Texas wind, but not without leaving everyone with an afternoon bout of sneezing and eye irritation, which also happens to those who watch ESPN Thursday night games.

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