Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jerrell Powe Has No Use For Pete Boone

Last week, it was former Ole Miss quarterback Romaro Miller voicing his displeasure over the current shitstorm that is everything surrounding Ole Miss athletics and its leadership.  This week, former defensive tackle and current Kansas City Chief, Jerrell Powe joined Miller's call for the end of the Pete Boone era at Ole Miss.

Before you continue reading, please feel free to make your own "who wrote the letter" joke. And make another one, there are plenty of them out there. All done? No? Okay, one more. There it is. Now you're good to go.

If you recall, Boone never publicly supported the idea of a high-profile academic risk like Powe coming to Ole Miss. Something about Ole Miss being a bastion of higher learning. SORRY, JERRELL, YOU'RE GONNA NEED AT LEAST A 17 ON THAT ACT. WE HAVE STANDARDS AROUND HERE.

While I understand Boone was trying to protect image of Ole Miss he had in his head, this is the first we've heard that Boone was "discouraging" in Powe's efforts to get into Ole Miss. It's one thing to give Powe requirements to fulfill in order to get into school while not encouraging him, but to work against him (allegedly) is in pretty poor taste.

This revelation certainly won't sit well with the group(s)/hoard(s) out to get Pete Boone, and I expect we'll see an increase in the intensity and effort in their "Fire Pete Boone" drum-beating. And while I'm firmly entrenched in the camp that would like to see Boone not direct athletics at Ole Miss anymore (I am NOT, repeat, NOT in one of these Forward Rebel groups), will someone other than Ole Miss chancellor Dan Jones ever mention a word of support for Boone?

Many have spoken that the way a group like Forward Rebels has gone about calling for his firing is wrong, but there have been no words of support for him specifically to remain in his position. Given the sad state of Ole Miss football and that the public's blood is up, I doubt anyone will come to the aid of the man who hired Ed Orgeron and Houston Nutt, the coaches with a combined SEC record of 13-39 since 2005.

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