Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gene Chizik Dance Party

Yesterday, the NCAA announced that it was ending its investigation of Auburn's recruitment of Cam Newton.  Citing that no one has been wronged enough by Auburn to start talking for purposes of revenge, the organization said no firm proof of payment for playing services was found, and they considered the matter closed, unless further evidence was provided.

You kinda have to admire Auburn's ability to pull this off.  They kept the circle tight, took care of those within the circle, paid in cash, and kept no physical records of anything.  All of that sounds easy, but you have to remember people are dumb (VERY dumb), become even dumber when money is involved, and everyone who thinks they're someone always wants to be in the know.  Auburn kept it all in check and didn't allow it to spiral out of control like it so easily can (for example, watch the ESPN documentary Pony Excess and see what happens when too many people know what's going on and want to be taken care of for their contribution to the program).

So, for now at least, Auburn is in the clear and Gene Chizik can finally stop shouting "THAT'S GARBAGE," and get down to what he and the fellas wanted to do all along:  JUST DANCE.

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