Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nick Saban Would Like Everyone To Stay On Point And They Better Damn Sure Be His Points

Earlier this week, Nick Saban let his thoughts be known about matters not directly dealing with the Tennessee game (around the 2:30 mark), most notably those involving a team that isn't even a member of the Southeastern Conference yet.

Then, yesterday, during a teleconference, he was asked about three people whose names it's doubtful he knows, who left for jobs elsewhere and how it would impact the Alabama program. Irritated, but with a disciplined irritation, Saban responded that it would not and then said, "I've probably been asked more questions about things I never think about this week than I can ever remember."

Curious as to what these other questions might have been, because surely he doesn't consider just two questions unrelated to the Tennessee game as "more questions about things I never think about this week than I can ever remember," as that would be silly (two questions off-topic? WHAT A CROSS YOU HAVE TO BEAR, COACH.), I went out of my way to find the other questions in the eyes of Nick Saban that were unrelated to his preparation for the Tennessee game. Questions about which not a single shit was given by Saban (NOTE: I did not go out of my way).

-"Coach, talk a little bit about your offensive strategy going into this game."

-"Given the Tennessee secondary is struggling this season, are you looking to get your receivers more involved?"

-"Can you talk about A.J. McCarron's growth so far this season?"

-"Are you pleased with the development of depth at running back?"

-"Can you just mention Trent Richardson once?"

-"What about any offensive player? Can you say something about them?"

-"Do you know anyone on offense?"

-"Can you say the word offense?"


/press corps is tear-gassed

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