Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Abe Simpson Cuts to the Core of Expansion Results

I stated my position on all this conference expansion business early last month and still stand firmly in that corner, perhaps even angrier than before.  Angry that there is a such major distraction running through the best 15 or so weeks of the year, angry that I have to somewhat pay attention to expansion talk or be left clueless, and really angry that next June and July, a perfect time for such talk, is going to be horribly barren and boring because the issue is being addressed now.

Now, the grand reward, at least in the SEC, for three months of "we're so screwed if we don't start scooping up teams now," is that Texas A&M and Missouri (most likely, but seriously, hurry up and make your final decision, assholes) get a meal ticket into the SEC.  Texas A&M, whatever.  If the conference was going to take a team, it could have done better, but it wasn't a stretch phone call, and it may turn out to be a great decision.  I'm just not sure there's that much excitement over their addition.  Missouri, however, well, I'll let Abe Simpson say it best:

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