Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Parable Of This Isn't Going To Be Fair

Les Miles set out to build a roaring campfire. Unfortunately, after his bundle of dry wood coated in napalm kicked someone in the head, it was taken from him by the park rangers. Stuck with a stack of wet wood for which there is seemingly no use, Coach Miles conjures his voodoo-ish powers and behold, the stack of wet wood manages to produce an excellent campfire.

Warm and providing excellent light, as well as mood for storytelling, Miles' campfire is one of the best in the entire park. In fact, people from other campsites stop by just to admire what a great creation this is, especially when told how the success of the fire was in great doubt in the beginning. This pleases Miles tremendously.

As the fire continues to burn brightly, the park ranger returns, carrying the bundle of napalm-coated dry wood with him. He tells Miles that the bundle of wood may have kicked someone in the head, but the evidence isn't overwhelming, and Miles is now free to use the wood.

Everyone around him suggests that he only use the napalm wood if something happens to the fire. Miles agrees in the beginning, but soon decides he's going to dump it all in the fire. In the hands of any other coach, such an action would result in this:

But because he is Les Miles, it will result in this:

The lesson is, expect Jordan Jefferson to win the SEC Championship Game MVP.

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