Friday, November 26, 2010

Very Important Reminder That May Not Be Important

I'll be operating solely within the realm of Twitter for today's Auburn/Alabama game.  So if you do the Twitter or are at least mildly intrigued as to what goes on over there, click the link on the right side to follow me.  You'll be treated to my commentary contained in a 140 character box, and I can think of no better way to watch a football game.  It's like I'll be watching the game with you, but sitting over in the corner, speaking Houston Nutt-like sentences. 

If you don't know what Twitter is, nor care to find out, then this is certainly not important to you.  Continue with your Friday as planned.

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  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Upon Brian's request, the end of the season is upon us and it is time for further review of Toast's comments posted on the blog on the eve of the opening of college football season (maybe an entire post could be dedicated to a thorough review and breakdown):


    Toast said...

    Gray.. When I read your blog I can always count on you being objective in your points..Damn you've lost it on this one...What planet are you on that you think LSU and Ark will be better than Auburn and that Ole Miss will be better that State?..uh..uh..okie dokie..You do realize this is the same State team that beat the piss out of Ole Miss last year because of the play of Anthon...wait...I mean Chris Relf. The same State team that lost 3 starters total. Ole Miss lost everyone except a few Dline, couple linebackers, and Bradley by god Sowell. Seriously Gray? Last time I checked, your offensive play-makers are Brandon Bolden and Markeith Summers. Enjoy the season.
    12:18 AM

    Brian Sorgenfrei said...

    please make sure Toast's comment is saved...for further review at the end of the season
    10:28 PM