Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ron Zook Does Not Want to Think About Something. It Might Be the Bowl Game.

The last time we saw Ron Zook around these parts he was receiving the business end of one of the great Croomings of the Sylvester Croom era.  After his dismissal from Florida, he headed north to fill the vacant head coach position at Illinois, who was in the market for a warm body.  Now, he surfaces again, trying to answer a question and set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records for most words crammed into 17 seconds of speech.

What was the most amazing about this video?

A.  The words "bowl" and "game" were mentioned less than every three seconds

B.  Illinois is on the cusp of bowl eligibility

C.  Illinois lost to Minnesota

D.  Zook spoke out of the side of his mouth opposite of the way he was facing

E.  Zook used brief pauses while speaking

F.  Seriously, I just looked it up and Illinois is one win away from bowl eligibility

G.  Zook is still coaching at Illinois

H.  All of the above

I accept A, B, E, F and G.  C is out of the question because it's Illinois we're talking about.  And D occurs when Zook gets excited, which is 99% of his conscious hours.  Congratulations to all of you winners.  Give yourselves $20 for your success.


  1. Ron Zook looks 20 years older than I remember him at Florida. Does anyone else see this?

  2. Illinois winters and lack of Rex Grossman will do that to a man.