Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Egg Bowl Week

To get things started in the proper direction of hate, we summon the probation giants from both schools and their once-upon-a-time blood feud.

Dog Brewer

Jackie Wayne

More to come today and tomorrow. And a programming note for the holiday week, power poll and picks will appear here tomorrow, however, if you choose to view them on Thursday, they will be in this spot. Also, on Friday for the Auburn/Alabama game, I'll have the Twitter machine fired up, so if you're on Twitter and follow me, you'll enjoy comments like "THAT PLAY WAS BAD" throughout the game. If you're not signed up for Twitter, get your ass in gear and do so (if Twitter went away tomorrow I would be at least 75% less informed than I am now), then follow The Belly of the Beast (there's a link for it on the right side of this page). You won't be disappointed. Not by others you choose to follow, but certainly by me.

Enough self-promotional babble. Back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday.

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