Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Stand And Be Recognized

You're staring at the final standings of The Belly of the Beast's NCAA Tournament pool. Highlighted in yellow at the bottom, you can observe my outstanding bracket, which, after the Sweet 16 was set, scored ZERO POINTS. That's almost impossible to do. Perhaps even more impossible that getting the Final Four right. But, more importantly, you'll notice the winner at the very top, NIT, which is the bracket submission of reader Brian.

By way of selecting UConn to reach the championship game, Brian came from behind and took home first place. Now that he is one of life's winners, he can expect admiring looks and showers of praise coming his way. He is also entitled to a $100 gift from himself, which I'm sure will be lovely, and an unidentified PDF from my computer's desktop. Turns out, that PDF was a copy of the letter Ohio State sent the NCAA when they discovered round one of Jim Tressel's lying, cheating ways. It most certainly is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

So congratulations to Brian, and thanks to everyone for signing up. Next year, I vow to crack the top 25.


  1. Being 30 has been good to me. This is quite the honor. Thanks for the PDF...good nightly reading

  2. I want for winners to be able to post on this blog again. that was a great prize...something to kill for.