Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dan Mullen Charity Clothing Drive

Official Press Release From Mississippi State University
April 6, 2011

Head Football Coach Dan Mullen Announces Charity Clothing Drive During Super Bulldog Weekend

Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen and his wife Megan are sponsoring a charity clothing drive for the people of Oktibbeha County. Students of Mississippi State and Starkville residents are encouraged to bring clothes they no longer wear or need to Davis Wade Stadium Thursday, April 7th through Sunday, April 10th. Volunteers will be on hand to collect all clothing from noon to 7 PM each day.

"Megan and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity for the Bulldog community to give back to the community that has tremendously supported us during our time here. With such a large crowd expected for Super Bulldog Weekend, we hope we might see record donations for those who are in need.

"We spent last weekend going through our closets and finding clothes we had not seen or worn in years. It brought back some good memories of some great places, and allowed us to spend some time together. We hope that you will do the same in your home.

"As much as it pains me, I had to let go of some items that were near and dear to my heart. Megan was able to convince me to donate some of my old shirts from my days as a young kid in New Hampshire. I dearly loved those shirts, especially since they poked fun at our neighbor to the west, Vermont, but it was time to let go of them. Of course, it's made much easier when you know it's for a good cause. You can see some of the shirts below:

"I'm sure someone will enjoy these, even if they get some strange looks. It will be a geography lesson of sorts for people in Oktibbeha County.

"One shirt I didn't get rid of was probably my favorite shirt I've ever owned. Megan tried to put in the donation pile and I told her absolutely not. This one will stay with me when I'm old, gray, and in an old folks home somewhere.

"Do you get it? Do you? New Hampshire is the Granite State and the shirt says, 'Don't take it for granite.' Oh, that's just perfect! How did they ever come up with something like that! I'm glad my sense of humor was formed in a place clever enough to put that saying on a t-shirt.  As soon as I stop laughing, I'm going to give three cheers for dear old New Hampshire!"

EDIT:  Attention New Hampshire t-shirt vendors or people who just hate Vermont for one reason or another, don't even think about stealing those.  Through my low-level Photoshop and Illustrator skills, I created that magic.  However, I will gladly sell them to you for the fair price of $2.6 million.   Or something.  Whatever.  Name a price.  If you even exist.

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