Monday, April 04, 2011

The Band Is Back Together

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While the quarterback battle in Oxford continues to rage on, though it appears the four-headed monster of options has become more of a one-headed monster with little tiny heads on its shoulders, Houston Nutt and new offensive coordinator David Lee are busy learning how to recreate offensive fusion together. Their last album, McFadden and Jones in 2007, was a commercial and critical success, setting records and reintroducing the long-forgotten Wildcat sound since copied by so many other groups.

Unfortunately, their success in Arkansas also drove them apart. Lee left after 2007 to pursue a solo career in Miami and Nutt sought refuge at Ole Miss. Whether they can find the dynamic that made them such an offensive force in 2007 depends on the answers to a pair of questions. One, can Houston Nutt fully give up creative control as he has said he will? He's been so unwilling to do so with previous coordinators, one has to doubt if he will give Lee the room he needs to adequately explore the studio space.

And two, can the pair find the inspiration that made such an outstanding piece of work in 2007? Ole Miss does not have a Darren McFadden or Felix Jones on its roster. It has some good players and fine complimentary players, but, as far as what current players have shown in their careers, there are none that create awe, which is necessary to reach transcendent heights of offensive fusion.

At the very least, I hope there will be a laser light show.

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