Friday, April 08, 2011

Recap Of LSU's Spring Practice

As spring football practices wind down across the SEC and country, it's important that we learn as much as we can about what happened or happens at as many schools as we can.  There's no way we'll make it to all of them, but, dammit, we will try (I suggest keeping your hopes as low as possible).

First up, LSU:

All of LSU's practices start with the Pledge of Allegiance.

And a snack.

Sometimes Les Miles' pets get loose.

Standing rule is, that if he can catch them, John Chavis can eat them.

"A plausible direction of forward energy that moves you positively, Jordan. Gimme a pound."

A favorite drill of Les Miles in which both quarterbacks throw at the same receiver.

Mid-practice entertainment break.

Les Miles gave it a try, but set himself on fire and required assistance.


"What a damn fine decision to wear my shorts on this damn fine day for football."

Meanwhile, in Columbia, South Carolina:

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