Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Post of the Informative Information Variety

Due to festivities and travel related to Christmas, the posting around here has slammed face first into a brick wall of laziness and no regular schedule.  Those of you outraged that there has been no mention of the Florida International/Toledo or Air Force/Georgia Tech game, I apologize for nothing.  Those games were horribly unwatchable (though, I did see the second half of the FIU/Toledo game jumped up a notch) and I wish I could have the 20 minutes back I spent in front of those games.

Anyway, starting Wednesday, things should be back to normal around here.  So the oft-times incoherent rambling and general confusion that you've been missing so over the past few days will soon be back in your life.  Until then, explore the space World Wide Web.

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