Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Now Found the Keys to This Thing

Once again, my shallowest and least heartfelt apologies for not getting this machine up and running this morning.  I was out of town all weekend and my flight back home last night was courteously CANCELED.  However, I should thank Southwest, as they re-booked me on a flight that would have been so late getting home today, I would have missed all of today as well.  And, by doing so, they forced me to book a much earlier flight with a different airline, which gave me the privilege of waking up at 5:15 this morning.

Until today, I was unaware clocks actually worked before 7 AM.  So, thank you, Southwest, for teaching me that society does in fact function before the sun comes up.  Now, give me just a minute to do a faceplant into my keyboard and steal back 20 or so minutes of sleep that was brutally taken from me.  HOW DARE YOU CHANGE MY REM CYC.AKSD;KFJASA;DKLJF;ASDLFKA;LSDKF.

/cleans drool off keyboard

Anyway, a pretty big weekend in terms of stuff going down, mainly Florida's hiring of Will Muschamp, Vanderbilt's offering of its science and economic departments to Gus Malzahn and Miami stealing Temple's coach.  I know, I thought the Miami story was made up too when someone told me this weekend.  I'm just upset I lost $50 betting The Playmaker would be the next coach.  Damn Joe Schad's That Guy Down By The Pier.  Hopefully, something will get cranked out around here later this afternoon, so don't be afraid to visit twice.  Until then, explore the space of your Monday.

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