Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ole Miss Embarks on a Dam Repair Job

After a season in which its defense surrendered just south of 33,000 points and 27 million yards, Ole Miss took advantage of the junior college signing period and inked four players who are supposed to come in and help provide an immediate solution to this:

Ivan Nicholas (DB), Wes Pendleton (DB), and Gilbert Pena (DT) represent a bale of straw, a glue stick and a bucket. While certainly not the solution, those three at least represent three warm bodies in which to take the place of warm bodies who graduated or are more terrible than three below average to average JUCO players. And in case a game is ever decided by which quarterback can throw the ball the longest distance and land it in a net, we've got that covered.

Zack Stoudt, everyone!

Why, Gray, are you still bitter about Ole Miss football?  Why, yes, you might say that I am.

/checks Tyrone Nix's job status
/discovers status is listed as employed
/envisions 2011 defense surrendering 54.7 points a game
/watches Zack Stoudt net toss 300 times searching for some type of hope
/reminded of the Josh Nelson era
/projectile vomits on the wall

But seriously, Tyrone Nix still has a job, which signals the world that the Houston Nutt era is going down or surviving another year based on Nix's defense.  And let me help you out here, it's over.  We certainly need all the warm bodies we can get, and I hope at least one of these guys works out, but quick fix attempts with average JUCO players, hoping instead of knowing that one or two can contribute, is a coaching staff's last desperate attempt to stay alive.  State fans who experienced the end of the Jackie Wayne Sherrill era are familiar with these flashbacks.  Hint:  IT DIES.

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