Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Belly of the Beast Readers, ASSEMBLE

It's time once again for us to gather together so that we may separate the one winner from the rest of us losers.  You may better know this process as the Fourth/Fifth-ish Annual Belly of the Beast College Bowl Pick'em Quest for Marginal Greatness.  Past winners include great people who I am sure have gone on to do a few okay-to-great things here and there.

Unlike previous years, this year's winner will take home an exclusive prize package, which includes the satisfaction of being one of life's winners, a $50 gift from yourself and a PDF that is on my computer's desktop and I can't remember what why I have it or what it is (I will not open it until I send it to you, so we're both in for a nice surprise).  So choose your picks wisely, my friends.  You can't win these things everyday.

Per the usual, if you're reading this, you're encouraged to sign up.  And don't be alarmed if you are terrible at picking games, because I look forward to battling you for last place.  Also, we're using confidence points only (no point spread).  So that means, you pick the game, assign a confidence point value to the game and earn that number of points if you correctly pick the game.  For example, if you pick Auburn over Oregon and put 35 points on it, and Auburn wins, you get 35 points.  If Auburn loses, you get nothing.  Person with the most points at the end of bowl season wins.

Here's your link and pertinent info.

Password:  seagal
Group ID#:  12298

You'll need to have a Yahoo! ID to sign up, but it's free and takes an annoyingly-long-but-really-shouldn't-be-but-still-is 15-20 seconds.

The first bowl game is on the 18th, so it would be wise to submit your picks before then.  Not required, but wise.

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