Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SEC Schedule Breakdown

The home office in Birmingham released the 2011 football schedule today, which you may find here.  After briefly skimming, you may also commence the besmirchment of your rival's, or team you just hate, weak-ass schedule.  For those who have better things to do than read through a list of football games to be played six months from now (NOT GONNA MAKE IT THAT LONG), I have taken the time to organize and provide you with a brief summary of who is playing who.  Or whom.  Never learned that rule.

All opponents listed in parentheses.

Teams in the SEC 2nd Division
Florida Atlantic (Auburn, Florida)
UAB (Florida, Mississippi State)
Western Kentucky (LSU, Kentucky)
Louisiana Tech (Mississippi State, Ole Miss)
Clemson (Auburn, South Carolina)

Land of Enchantment Host Families
Georgia (New Mexico State)
Arkansas (New Mexico)

Making Sure We Got 56% of the Sun Belt on the Schedule
Alabama (North Texas)
Arkansas (Troy)
Tennessee (MTSU)

Stay Away if You Have an Honor Code
Ole Miss (BYU)

Were the Flora-Bama Mullet Toss All-Stars Unavailable?*
Kent State (Alabama)
Georgia Southern (Alabama)
Missouri State (Arkansas)
Samford (Auburn)
Furman (Florida)
Coastal Carolina (Georgia)
Jacksonville State** (Kentucky)
Northwestern State (LSU)
Southern Illinois (Ole Miss)
Tennessee-Martin (Mississippi State)
The Citadel (South Carolina)
Montana (Tennessee)
Buffalo (Tennessee)
Elon*** (Vanderbilt)

*New Mexico and New Mexico State also qualify for this category
**Does not apply if playing Ole Miss
***It's Vanderbilt, so not sure if they belong here

Those WAC/Mountain West/Teams That Keep Changing Conferences
Fresno State (Ole Miss)
Boise State (Georgia)
Utah State (Auburn)

Oh, Shit, We Have Too Many Open Dates
Kentucky (Central Michigan)
South Carolina (East Carolina, Navy)
Tennessee (Cincinnati)

Teams in the SEC 3rd Division
Memphis (Mississippi State)
Georgia Tech (Georgia)
Florida State (Florida)

Army (Vanderbilt)
Connecticut (Vanderbilt)
Wake Forest (Vanderbilt)
West Virginia (LSU)

LSU* (Oregon)
Alabama (Penn State)

*Also qualifies for first miracle of the season

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