Monday, March 14, 2011

Jackie Sherrill Is Impressed; Still In Parking Lot

Earlier Monday, while still in the same parking lot at the same Texas A&M function where we last saw him, Jackie Sherrill took time out from plowing through the giant plate of ribs he started last Wednesday to comment on yet another NCAA recruiting violation by Georgia. Just five days ago, Georgia reported five violations stemming from recruit Ray Drew's commitment ceremony. On Monday, they reported a single violation during star running back recruit Isaiah Crowell's visit to campus in January.

You may remember Crowell from puppy Signing Day fame:


"Well, it's not that the violations occurred," Sherrill said, "Because, hell, that's always gonna happen in recruiting, unless you're planning on making a living in the Sun Belt. But having them that close together?  Even we never did that.  Or at least got called on it."

The reported violation was a result of Crowell engaging in what the NCAA terms "game day simulation."  Crowell joined current Bulldog players in an offensive formation in which Crowell lined up at running back.  It was done in an effort to stress to Crowell how much the Bulldogs wanted him in Athens.

"The only thing about this situation that disappoints me," Sherill said, "Is that their, I'm talking about Georgia here, the way they showed their desire for him to be there was by putting him in some formation.  I don't know where Coach Richt learned to recruit, but this isn't I-AA.  And given his familiarity with violations, I thought he'd have a better idea than that.  A room at the Holiday Inn, a $75 an hour job in which no work is done or how about a factory that makes those cute little bulldogs he had on Signing Day.  I mean, something he can use, you know."

The violation is once again of a secondary nature and, as punishment, will prevent Richt from calling recruits during the spring evaluation period in April.  However, if the NCAA decides the violation is not secondary, they could bring more justice into Georgia's world and take away something else (DO IT).

"They'll get it figured out there soon.  We hit a few bumps at Mississippi State in the '90s, but we got our house in order.  Like I told you last time, it would have stayed in order had people not decided to talk.  That's always the key.  Keep the circle tight and everyone commits to keeping their mouths shut.  It's not really that big of a secret, how it all, oh, wow, whew, man.  I got the meat sweats right now.  I gotta go take a break."

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