Thursday, March 03, 2011

SEC Football Coaches Or The Tallahatchie County Board of Supervisors Monthly Meeting?

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As you've probably noticed around here, the unyielding march of time has prevented me from having enough time to clear off the cobwebs and chase the vermin off the porch with a broom to keep this place looking nice and neat.  I'm busy working to rectify that situation (well, marginally busy) and the standard operating procedures should be fully functional in no time.

Until then, observe that, without his towering hat, Les Miles has become Gene Hackman in Hoosiers.

Also, feel free to enjoy the latest chapter in the life of Stephen Garcia, quarterback, keyer of cars and friend of all ladies willing and ready.

(Side note: If you follow me on Twitter, one of the great benefits was that you found out this Garcia rumor an entire 25 MINUTES BEFORE I POSTED THIS. So there. I encourage anyone on Twitter to follow me because when you do, it will spark at least three spammer followers and I'll be that much closer to 100. Why yes, I am thrilled to have a follower named AngelGirl6220 who sells the latest and greatest laser printer paper!)

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  1. Gray - I grew up in Leflore county, the county NEXT to Tallahatchie. My answer to your question is a resounding “NO.” This does not look anything like a board of supervisors meeting from Tallahatchie. I think if you do your research, you will see that the demographics are far from correct. Also, I wish Houston Nutt had on a coat and tie. Doesn’t hurt to look professional even though your team did not look that way last season.
    Hotty Toddy!