Friday, March 11, 2011

The Schematic Advantage Will Not Be Publicly Seen

On Wednesday, Florida coach Will Muschamp let everyone know that spring practice at Florida would be closed to the public.  Citing rampant profanity use, excessive use of the word "BOOM" and/or some combination of the two, and his desire to give the Gators an "element of surprise" when they take the field next season, Muschamp has decided to lock the gates for the first time in school history, leaving the spring game as the only time Florida fans will be able to see their team before 2011 fall practice starts.

It's a move that's not uncommon for first-year head coach, as I can remember David Cutcliffe and Ed Orgeron at least closing part of spring practices, though, looking back, they didn't have a whole lot to hide.  However, while I think we'll see very little difference between the defense Coach BOOM ran at Texas and will run at Florida, there will be significant changes on the offensive side of the ball, thus the great need for secrecy.

With offensive coordinator Charlie Weis now running the show, Muschamp cannot risk the schematic advantage being compromised (the link is for reference in case you've forgotten one of the great blowhard quotes of our time).  Luckily, for those of us racked with uncertainty and anguish over just what this schematic advantage entails, we have been given a few glimpses of it while Weis was at Notre Dame:

Guns. Very difficult to defend when you don't have them.

Additional guns.

Some blockers or no blockers? The guessing is all up to you!

Playing possum.

Lulling you to sleep at half speed.


God have mercy on all of you if I find one of these.

Mockery aside, Charlie Weis is a good offensive coach, not great or deserving of the misused label of "genius" so readily tossed around when someone is successful and gives a good interview, but a good coach.  So, please, remember that when Weis is endlessly praised next season for resurrecting the offense of suck that Steve Addazio and Urban Meyer developed.  Myself, you and a sack of nickels could spark some kind of improvement over last year.  Weis will do a fine job and let's leave it at that.  Nothing greater, nothing less.

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