Sunday, March 20, 2011

SEC Football Teams Have As Many Arrests Over The Weekend As The Number Of Big East Basketball Teams In The Sweet Sixteen

I'll be getting to more important things a little later (though I have no idea what they are), but right now I don't have the time, as the insurance adjuster is supposed to be here this morning to assess the fire damage to my NCAA bracket, which is actually still burning at this moment.  I blame it on the meth labs so prevalent in West Lafayette, Indiana. You're not off the hook either, Pittsburgh

Anyway, moving on to the arrests mentioned in the title above and unrelated to meth, but firmly related to college students being dumb, Mark Barron and Jenoris Jenkins.  Baron appears to be recovering well enough from his torn pectoral muscle to be arrested for hindering prosecution, which I suppose you only need the breath of life in order to commit the crime, but YOU KNOW HE WAS PROTECTING HARVEY UPDYKE, JR., AUBURN FANS.  Call your representatives and such to press the issue.

As for Jenoris Jenkins, he was arrested by Gainesville police after they noticed him freely displaying his interest in marijuana in the bathroom of a Gainesville bar/club/jort party.  The Coach BOOM era is off to a solid start in terms of arrests to amount of time in Gainesville, but will need to keep up this pace if it expects to carry the banner of repeated criminal behavior so expertly carried by the Urban Meyer era.

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