Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quay Evans Wants Cousin Eddie Money

As one of Mississippi's most talented high school football recruits (brief pause to vomit on self for talking anything about recruiting in May), defensive tackle Quay Evans of Morton will surely be the centerpiece for one of the biggest recruiting battles of the fall and winter.  Ole Miss, Mississippi State (the school he currently favors), and a handful of other SEC and national teams will all be vying for his signature in February.  Evans is considered an elite prospect, possessing quickness, power, and explosiveness not usually seen in a high school defensive tackle (Coach Orgeron, your thoughts?  "ALLIGATOR TWITCH.").

With his highly valuable skills and the number of schools wanting those skills, it's possible (OH IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN/HAS ALREADY HAPPENED) money and benefits could be promised to Evans during the recruiting process.  But what if providing money and benefits to scholarship players was allowed by the NCAA?  How much should players get then?  The Wall Street Journal asked Evans and other top football and basketball prospects of the class of 2012 just that.  Their findings:
...defensive tackle Quay Evans of Morton, Miss., said $200,000 a year would be an appropriate sum. "We work hard," Evans says.
You may recall a similar exchange from the great Vacation:

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