Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Return To Society

After five days removed from responsibilities and efforts to pay attention to whatever it is that goes on, I have slipped back into cold reality, or, will do so tomorrow morning when The Man tolls the bell for me.  Since Friday, these are the things of which I am aware that took place:

-Osama Bin Laden was killed
-The Memphis Grizzlies are now apparently the best team in the NBA
-This flooding business that will take place of the next two weeks will be insane

And that's it.  So I'll need a day to regain my bearings and get used to waking up at my standard time OH WAIT, I DID THAT WITHOUT AN ALARM FOR THE PAST FIVE DAYS.

/pours one out for broken spirit

Hopefully, something other than this will be up on Wednesday, if that really is tomorrow.  Until then, explore the time-consuming joy that is watching Freebird videos on YouTube. 

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