Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Following Ja'Juan Story's Lead, Every Child Under The Age Of Seven Apologizes For Saying "Doodoo"

PR people are the worst.  Especially when they're employed by a large public institution with its ass clenched so tight its lower intestines contain the same oxygen levels as space.

I don't care what the Florida PR people told you Ja'Juan, doodoo is an approved word for public use.  And you're way too young to begin censoring yourself.  That's why the Florida PR people are there.  It's their job to horribly attempt to control the damage when you present them with a real doodoo-storm.


  1. Really ? Its some parts of latinoamerica there child that around that age say "Papa" that means "I am hungry i need too eat" , & papa means "dady " too.

  2. The first comment sound so fun , But its true !