Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Washaun Ealey Insists Upon Himself

The former starting Georgia running back of moderate rushing success (1,528 yards and 14 TDs in two seasons) was granted his unconditional release from Bulldog program on Monday after several conversations, all of which involved the negotiating trick of refusing to speak first (or so I assume), with head coach Mark Richt.  When tracked down by a member of the Georgia media for a reason behind his leaving, Ealey said:
"I’m a person where I want to be a premier back.  If I was to play here, I would have had to share the backfield with Caleb and Carlton also. Then they were going to try to give the freshman Isaiah his chance. He probably was going to get some carries at the beginning of the year too. I just felt like I didn’t want to be in that mix of things anymore.”
He also noted that he does not have a new school lined up...

"Hey, Wushau...Washno...Washubu, naw, that can't be right. Hey, buddy! Did you get my text yet? Love to have you in the Ole Miss family.  Redshirt this year, play two after that.  You think about it and let me know."


Ealey also said about Georgia:
"I just wasn’t feeling the vibe, I guess."
Mark Richt, if asked for a response and did not respond in his normal, flatline routine, would say:
"I'm a coach that's looking for a premier back.  If one were to be here, he would not share the backfield with anyone.  We'd give no one else a chance to take carries away from him.  There would be no mix.

Also, I'd like my premier back to not be a guy who drives with a suspended license after he promises he won't drive anywhere, then hits a parked car, leaves the scene, and is later arrested.  Just my preference."

"Hey there, Mark. Good to see you last week. Say, is this still Woshonabi...Wash...oh, man, Washboard's number?"

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