Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dana Holgorsen Is Coming To A Casino Near You

Click to enormosize, and yes, Holgorsen's head is abnormally large. It was attempt number 12 to get it close to normal, so I gave up.

As reported earlier today, the West Virginia head coach-in-waiting was involved in a disturbance at a casino around 3 a.m. on May 18th.  Quoting those who know what the hell is going on:
Multiple sources told the Charleston Daily Mail Holgorsen was removed from Mardi Gras Casino & Resort after 3 a.m. May 18.  Holgorsen had been at a Mountaineer Athletic Club function earlier in the day in Logan before spending the evening at the casino with other university representatives.
Holgorsen's behavior allegedly reached a point that necessitated involvement from on-site security, sources said.  Holgorsen was escorted out of the casino with the episode caught on surveillance.  University representatives who were with Holgorsen were said to have then intervened. No arrest was made.
The report goes on to say Holgorsen was involved in a similar incident at another casino about a month ago.  West Virginia, most notably AD Oliver Luck and head coach Bill Stewart, is aware of what happened and will comment once everyone gets their story straight.

First, it's good to know that other than poor literacy and health rates, Mississippi and West Virginia do have something in common:  BUILDINGS THAT HOUSE LEGAL GAMES OF CHANCE.  And second, other than winning millions, counting cards, or being pass out drunk, I'm not sure there is anything one can do to be asked to leave a casino.  Maybe the casinos in West Virginia operate with a different standard of conduct, but once, while in a Mississippi casino, I had a man hovering around asking me to buy the gold chain OFF HIS NECK so he could have some gas money to get home.  Or to spend another two hours playing penny slots.  His request was politely declined. 

If the West Virginia casinos do maintain a higher standard of gaming, then I say to you, offensive genius Holgorsen, there will probably be job opening in December in a place one hour away from casinos with more of a gunslinger's mentality.  Plus, there's a Krystal on the way out, which makes the drive from Tunica to Oxford that much more delightful at 4 a.m.


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