Thursday, June 02, 2011

217th Annual JP Bowl

Who: Ole Miss and Vanderbilt

What: An alleged game of football between the two

Where: Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee

When: September 17th, 2011, Jefferson Pilot Standard Time

Game Time Temperature:

Why: Good question.
           "They have to play sometime, I guess." - SEC Schedule Maker

Announcers: Dave Neal, Andre Ware, and they'll-try-to-slip-another-Dave-in-there-somewhere

Reasons to Watch: Ha. SURELY YOU JEST.

Memorable Moments:

Does not compute request

Historical Evidence That This Game Has Been Played at 11:30 Since 1794:

Drink in the humidity

I crawled through the the cobwebs of my ever-fading memory and determined that from the 1998-2010 seasons, Ole Miss and Vandy played at JP Standard Time 10 out of a possible 13 times, including nine straight from '98-'06 (I don't know what the hell happened from 2007-2009). The 2011 version makes 11 of 14 times. Because of this, I will hate Dave Neal for as long as my lungs are filled with air, which is a shame, because he seems like a nice man.

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  1. I remember a few years ago Ole Miss and Vandy actually played at night on one of ESPN's 97 channels. It was totally wrong and uncomfortable to see.