Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auburn Is Gonna Need Some More Gold

Auburn announced that it plans to erect statues of its Heisman trophy winners - Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan, and Cam Newton - during the upcoming school year.  Immediately, a stink arose about honoring a player surrounded by such controversy concerning his eligibility based on allegations THAT ARE TOTALLY TRUE that he was paid to attend Auburn.  Incredibly, no one has mentioned that, given Auburn's history of dealing in straight cash money for EVERY PLAYER EVER, Jackson and Sullivan aren't clean either.

However, Newton is freshest on the minds of the people, so the disgust is directed at the idea of his statue.  Athletic director Jay Jacobs says he no concerns over a Newton statue, citing something or other about no NCAA violations confirmed to be true (YET).  And nor should he, as history has shown us, building and worshiping false idols has never had repercussions that result in death, destruction, annihilation, or extinction:

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