Monday, February 28, 2011

The Reach of Melvin Smith Is Not Bound By International Borders

Recruiting specialist Melvin Smith, currently employed by Mississippi State, knows his way around the dark alleys, secret passages and which dumpsters are perfect for jumping into to avoid detection during the recruiting process.  He's been a part of four staffs within the state of Mississippi in which the head coaches were fired for either major recruiting violations or being awful.

He was at Ole Miss in the final years of the Billy Brewer era ('92-'93), the only year of the Joe Lee Dunn Experience in '94, which, NEVER HAPPENED, spent six years with Jackie Sherrill ('96-'01) and was with Sylvester Croom before transitioning to Dan Mullen's staff after Croom's Crooming.  Having never risen above a position coach in 19 years at the Division I level, Smith hasn't been constantly employed because he knows how to coach the hell out of receivers, DBs or tight ends, but, rather, because he knows the ways and means to get recruits his head coach wants to choose to sign with his employer.

However, this past recruiting season, Mississippi State struggled in overall and in-state recruiting, despite a 9-4 record and a second straight thrashing of Ole Miss.  Smith, perhaps recognizing his need to step up his efforts, has apparently turned his eyes beyond the borders of America.  More specifically, he's trying to tap into high-volume, energy and anger of protesters in Africa and the Middle East.

How else do you explain this from a protest in Libya:

See that man just to the right of the weather map?  What's that he's wearing?


Case closed, NCAA investigators.

(Both pictures blatantly stolen from EDSBS)

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