Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not a Good Start to 2011. NOT A GOOD START AT ALL.

Via the Twitters of Ole Miss' undersized, quick, but not too quick, RB/WR Korvic Neat

While I certainly appreciate Houston Nutt's recognition of the need to and effort put into lighting a fire under his team and coaches, it's once again the attention to detail and doing it the right way that has failed Ole Miss.

-Nothing screams motivation quite like a banner stand that reminds you of being at a convention or job fair.

-The kind where you get pencils and a sheet of cheap 8.5" X 11" paper on which a company says all of the awesome things about themselves that you'll never get to experience because they aren't going to hire you, but leave your resume on the table anyway so we can laugh about it later.

-Was putting it on the wall not an option?

-Really, free-standing was the best choice?

-In the words of the great Kenny Powers, "What the hell are they doing, printing that from a JPEG?  They need to be using TIFF files.  The trophy looks all computery and damn pixelated."

-I don't even want to open the possibility of getting lost in the deep forest of the how does one win the "off season" debate.

-It's "offseason" or "off-season," not "off (SPACE) season."


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