Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Revenge of Auburn University as Shown to Me by an Anonymous Sports God

As I slept soundly, I suddenly felt a great presence in my room and awoke to find the ceiling of my room separating itself from the four walls, and I could see nothing but the night sky.  And a loud voice boomed to me, "Gray, do you want to see something really awesome?"

I said, "Okay, but how awesome are we talking about?"

The voice boomed again, "Like, blow your mind awesome."

"Yes, I would like to see something that awesome."

"Then, BEHOLD! The revenge of Auburn University!"

And the sky began to fill with images, telling a story of things to come. At first I saw men in orange pants

And crazed people with painted bodies

And scores and scores of more people wearing orange

They were being led by this man, a maniac screaming and yelling with no particular purpose or direction

At first, I thought them to be cheering and celebrating. But I realized they were furious. Furious with intent to destroy the thing that had wronged them. Soon, many began wielding these

And this man was also in the great multitude

They argued over the direction of the march. Many shouted "To the North!," while others claimed it was more in a northwest direction. Eventually, the crazed maniac who was leading them confirmed it was to the northwest and that he had packed a compass so they probably wouldn't get lost. To be sure, he used Google Maps and found the exact directions.

And soon they were off. A new image appeared before me, one unrelated to the angry crowd. I soon realized it was what they were marching towards. It was a statue of a man standing by himself. A great man, according to the inscriptions, but he was in danger, for he was all alone

Then, before me, the fuming multitude had arrived at the target of their rage, and the sky grew dark and cracked open

The world had not seen such violence as what I saw in the sky. It was pure horror. And when they had finished their work, a final image appeared. It was the crazed man, who led the crowd to the statue of the great man, and he was celebrating the spoils of his conquest

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