Monday, February 21, 2011

Aaron Murray Is NOT Awaiting Ankle Transplant Surgery

Since it's Presidents' Day and nothing is going on (minus some blow-harding about baseball on one of the ESPN family of networks), the corner of the Internet concerning college football nearly ruptured a blood vessel earlier today when reports of starting Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray breaking his ankle began to make their way around the neighborhood.  Those reports have now been downgraded to Tropical Depression Ankle Sprain and it appears Murray will not miss any part of spring practice.

Georgia fans should rest a little easier tonight knowing that Murray is okay, but should have never been concerned in the first place.  If you recall, Murray is a survivor of an attempt to snap his spinal column in half, as well as a separate attempt to destroy every ligament in his knee, courtesy of Nick Fairley.

So I highly doubt a shattered ankle was really going to slow him down.  Now, if Lee Ziemba had been able to play some defense last fall, this ankle injury never would have occurred because Murray would still be in a wheelchair.


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