Monday, February 14, 2011

Important Phone Calls Steve Spurrier Has Taken on the Tee Box

Earlier today, All-Wreck-Your-Offensive-Scheme high school defensive end Jadeveon Clowney finally made his college choice when he announced that he would be signing with South Carolina.  It was a major victory in an in-state recruiting battle, as the Gamecocks managed to hold off Clemson, as well as an SEC battle thanks to a strong effort by Alabama.

When Clowney informed South Carolina coaches he would be choosing their employer, defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson immediately phoned head coach Steve Spurrier, who was moments away from getting in a last round at Augusta before it's closed to prepare for The Masters.  It wasn't the first time Spurrier has taken an important call on the tee box, given his passion for playing golf when time allows.  Or doesn't allow.  Either one.  He's going to play unless he has a thing, or one of those alumni deals.  You know, with the boosters and all that.

Some other things of note he's learned while on the course:

-Tommy Frazier and Lawrence Phillips could be a threat to his defense (this produced a chuckle and a snort, followed by a lecture on pitchin' and catchin' it)

-The 1995 season was only Danny Wuerffel's junior year (shot a 67)

-His attempt to copyright "We're just gonna throw it around a little bit and see what happens" was denied

-Doug Johnson fully intended on playing two more seasons after the '97 season (shot a 78)

-The kidnapping and smuggling of Doug Johnson to Bolivia failed (shot an 82)

-As long as he made the turn by 11:45, he could get in another 18 that day (and yes, his Diet Coke and Snickers bar would be waiting on him)

-The Redskins were willing to meet his demands of having every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon off

-Phil Fulmer was having an excellent time without him in the conference

-The signed game ball from the 1995 Florida/Tennessee game was mistakenly delivered to Fulmer's neighbor's house

-South Carolina agreed to not require him to be the office February through July (minus two weeks for spring practice)

-Phil Fulmer threw the game ball from the 2005 South Carolina/Tennessee game back at the UPS man's truck

-Star high school quarterback Stephen Garcia committed to the Gamecocks (shot a 68)

-He double booked tee times during the SEC Coaches' Meetings in Destin

-Blake Mitchell was returning for another round of punishment

-Stephen Garcia would not be kicked out of school for keying a professor's car (shot a 71)

-Phil Fulmer threw the vase full of flowers wishing him a happy retirement at the UPS man's truck (shot a 65)

-The asking price for the services of Cam Newton

-The gameplan for the SEC Championship game

-Stephen Garcia was only a redshirt junior and returning to school (shot a 104)

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