Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Houston Nutt Meets, Then Briefly Frightens Snoop Dogg

Houston Nutt was in Memphis last night, most likely looking to help those who needed heppin', assuming they are above average football talents, and took time out of his schedule to watch the Lakers defeat the hometown Grizzlies, 93-84.  While at the FedEx Forum, he let the world of Twitters know about his trip:

I don't know if he actually got to meet Snoop Dogg, as he may not have wanted to be a complete name-dropper, but he did and it went something like this:

Minus the microphone and slurred speech (nakedness, however, remained in play, but was not used). But you would need to add at least 17 uses of the words "awesome" and "excited" to get the full effect of their meeting. Might even need to throw in a "Boy, I'll tell ya, great mother of that Snoop de-la-Loop."

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