Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stand and Be Recognized

For those of you brave enough to sign up for the Fourth/Fifth-ish Annual Belly of the Beast College Bowl Pick'em Quest for Marginal Greatness, I thank you for your entry.  Not counting myself, 24 people chose to come out of Internet anonymity and attempt to prove their worth at selecting bowl game winners.  For those of us in the contest, we already know who won, but it is now time to recognize one of life's winners.

Reader Drew and his powerhouse picks, Favre Dollar Footlong, plowed through his top point values, correctly guessing 14 of the 15 games he had listed between the 21 and 35-point marks, while going 24-11 overall. A tip of the cap to you, good sir.

As promised, your prize package awaits. You have earned the satisfaction of being one of life's winners, a $50 gift from yourself and a PDF that has been sitting on my desktop for who knows how long. The contents of that PDF? After opening it a few minutes ago, I am pleased to announce you now have access to 19 pages of the 2009 Ole Miss media guide (the gift that keeps on giving!). You'll be able to quickly recall every score from every Ole Miss game ever (WHAT A TREAT!), as well as review the steady stream of mediocre to bad coaches and players who have spent time in Oxford. I cannot imagine why more people were not enticed by such rewards.

One final note, if you look at the very bottom of the standings, as predicted, I did battle valiantly for last place and won.

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  1. That's terrible, I ended up 21st. And I was in the top 5 pretty much until around New Year's Day.